Our Values

1. RESPECT for the dignity and goodness of each person as a unique creation.  This organization will demonstrate flexibility in its dealings with those we serve.

2. RESPECT for the capacity of each of us to embrace the challenge of human existence.  We encourage those we serve to take responsibility for their own lives:  we try to empower by assisting them to make informed choices for themselves.

3. A FIRM CONVICTION that out of poverty comes creativity, new life and growth.  We reach out, recognizing that the poor are not in need of ‘fixing’, ‘saving’ or ‘rescuing’.  Growth comes from journeying with those we serve, not in doing for them.

4. The importance of EDUCATION as the key to change.   Education takes many forms.  Those who are malnourished most of their lives often have special needs:  secondary school, university, apprenticeships, as well as special education for severe learning disabilities such as deafness and blindness are all strategies we pursue.