Our work

 The mission of Starthrower Foundation is to provide education opportunities by raising and distributing funds to give a hand up, NOT a hand out to destitute Haitien young people living in the north coast city of Cap-Haitien and the nearby mountain village of St-Raphael ( Sen Rafayel), Haiti.  All levels of education (elementary, secondary, university, apprenticeships) are worthwhile.

Funds are also used to meet basic needs which foster academic success: securing housing, paying rent, emotional support, tutoring, supplying food, medical, dental, etc.

Some of our Starfish attending high school in Sen Rafayel. They all gathered at our centre for the picture. As you can see, our second floor is well under way.

Currently we are supporting  142 students, the largest concentration in secondary school divided between Cap-Haitien and Sen Rafayel.  Those in post secondary are scattered: Dominican Republic, Port-au-Prince, Léogâne, Limbe, Cap-Haitien.  We also have half a dozen who are apprenticing in trades (carpenters, mechanics, masons).  

Some of our Startfish attending high school in Cap-Haitien.

We pay for our students out of all the donations we receive, but we also offer individual sponsorships.  We are looking for people, or groups of people, willing to journey with one of our young students.  

Please work with us to better serve them.  Every dollar makes a difference.


The book restauration program:

During July, August and first 2 weeks of September, all text books used by our students for the past year are returned to us, and we hire about 2 dozen students to help clean, repair, rebind and recover these texts.  We refurbish about 1500-2000 text books each summer, and so are able to use and re-use them for about 5 years each.  This is much less expensive than purchasing new every year and allows Starthrower Foundation to work with job creation.

The director of our Book Program is a young woman named Rosenie.  In addition to studying to become a kindergarten teacher (she still needs a sponsor), Rosenie is responsible for hiring and training staff for the text book program, maintaining lists and inventory, and purchasing any and all needed text books.  She will hire part-time staff, purchase any supplies needed to repair the texts, then set up work stations for the staff.  It’s quite a production line, and the workers are happy to have a part time job to help support their families.

When students are registered, the schools provides the book lists and uniform material samples they will need to attend classes that fall.  As the text book lists come in to our office, Starthrower’s book repair team begins to assemble the necessary texts, and to compile lists of books that we do not already have.  Each day, the staff will go to the market, look through the book stalls and let the vendors know which titles we need, and to hold them for us.