School System

The Haitian high school system

The schools are a mix of state owned and private schools.  The lycees are state run and teachers are paid (sometimes) by the state.  For example Lycee Charlemagne Perault in SenRafayel, Lycee Philippe Guerrier and Lycee Boukman in Cap-Haitien.  They are NOT free, but less expensive than the private schools.  It is difficult to get in and difficult to stay in a lycee.  We have kids in both settings.
The ministry of education sets up the curriculum and final exams.

There are 7 years of high school:

Year 1, 2, and 3 are called 7, 8, 9 and are “Année Fondamental”.

Year 4 is called “3eme”, also called “nouvo secondaire 1”.  They are not the same as courses and text books are different. It is a new system being tried on some students.

Year 5 is called “2eme”, also “novo secondaire II”.

Year 6 is “Rheto”, now also “secondaire III”.

Year 7 is “Philo”, now also “secondaire IV”.

We have kids in every variation.

Here are pictures of some of the schools that our students attend in the village of Sen Rafayel. Pictures were taking during the summer break.