Who we are


Sharon Gaskell – founding director.

Former teacher and youth minister. Founded Starthrower Foundation in 1998 and has been dividing her time between Canada and Haiti ever since.  When in Canada, she is available to give talks to schools or groups.


Auguste A. – Director of Education (“direkte-a”)

One of our former part time student employee and High school graduate (Philo).  He is supporting his mother and 2 younger sisters whom he is putting through school.

 Job Description:

As director of Education for Starthrower, Auguste is responsible for the staff, the programs and supplies for both branches (Sen Rafayel and Cap-Haitien).

This includes daily communication with staff in both locations, purchasing, packaging and delivering all supplies in addition to mentoring and training staff, as well as being present for students. This means weekly trips up Granjil mountain to Sen Rafayel.

He sets up and carries out home visits and manages all facets of Starthrower in Haiti in partnership with founder Sharon Gaskell.  He is also in charge for all post-secondary students.


Cap-Haitien staff

Front row: Jolie(canine security)
2nd row:Dieugrand (grounds)Auguste (director)Joceline (house)
Edwina (book program) Lusnot (branch coordinator)
3rd: Sherlyne (book program coordinator) Camiose (book program)
Rosema (grounds/dogs) Myriame (Book program and office support)
Rear: Sharon Gaskell

Sen Rafayel staff

(rear) Kesner(security) Danius(building projects), Edeline
(branch coordinator)
(middle) Adelaine (student), Solange (hat -full time)) Tigger, Granjil,(canine security) Angeline(student)
(front) Auguste (director)

Volunteer Starthrowers
Daniel L. in Canada is our new “webperson” and he’s built us this new website.  He is also in charge of maintaining the blog.
Cindy W. and Paula W.  in Pennsylvania, have been collecting and arranging delivery of supplies for Starthrower in Haiti for so many years.
Ingrid S.  Bookkeeper
Jane McJ. in Canada, secretary/treasurer, picking up the mail, putting deposits to-gether, paying bills.
Karen Z. in Canada was our first “webperson”, and maintained the blog until 2010.
Teena H. from Australia built and maintained the first Starthrower website that we used from 2004 until 2010.

On January 24 2013, Starthrower lost a treasured friend and staunch supporter. The world lost a tireless worker for improving the lives of those living in absolute poverty. Her family lost a wife, mother and grandmother. Diane Plett was co-founder of the Jasmine Foundation, along with husband Benjamin. She was too young and too vital to be gone. She knew her true self and that’s what you got when you met her. She was fearless and had infinite worth.

Diane’s spirit is alive and well at Lakay Jasmine (see picture below), part of her legacy in Haiti.

She is remembered  and celebrated –   a true fanm vayan (valiant woman).