High School

Starthrower Foundation is currently supporting 142 students at all levels of high school.  We pay for our students out of all the donations we receive, but we need your continuous support to keep them in school, feed them, pay dental and medical care.

The cost to sponsor one student for a year is approximately $840 or $70 a month.  This includes school fees, school supplies, uniforms (including shoes, socks, underwear), transportation if necessary, tutoring, drop in centre and hygiene products.

To foster academic success, we also use financial donations to help students with housing, food, medical and dental services, when and as needed.

We are looking for sponsors for our High school students.

To direct your funds to an individual sponsorship at the high school level, please contact us. You may want to help someone complete high school or perhaps you are thinking long term and would prefer to follow someone through secondary and on to post-secondary.

Let us know.

High school students with sponsors:

  tamara   Angelene M Fatia 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Walky M