Starthrower Foundation

 Starthrower Foundation exists in Haiti to provide educational opportunities for teens and young adults whose parents have died.
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If you have followed Starthrower, you know the litany of challenges we face here from disease bearing mosquitoes, to scorching dry spells and unbelievable flooding from hurricanes and just rain. You know about hunger .. real debilitating, death bringing malnutrition and dehydration. You know that schools and hospitals are frequently on strike and we received death threats in the village forcing closure of our drop in center to keep everyone safe.
But something has kept me here for 20 years. And this is the something. The words and actions of the courageous young people we serve and the amazing sponsors who stick with these kids and don’t give up because they fail a year or get sick and have to drop out for a term or a year.
My last post introduced you to our first doctor, Rose now a dentist.
While I was delayed in Canada with Shingles, another graduation took place. I want to share parts of the letter Camiose wrote because this is what every dollar we receive does — it brings hope and helps a student move a little closer to their goal, their dream.

Dated Nov. 30, 2017 Translated from Kreyol

” It is with pleasure I write this letter…. I would like to thank you but I don’t have the means to say it properly.

I remember when I was in Grade 9..sadly I failed but you and all sponsors who were not my parents or my family stayed with me for 6 years of high school and 4 years of university.

I will never stop being thankful or saying thank you. When I was sick and in the hospital you all still stayed with me, didn’t give up on me along the way.

I especially thank foundation staff who gave so much support (service).

Special thanks to sponsors Cathy and Ian who stayed with me from 2012 to 2017. For 10 years the foundation was with me.

Nov. 24 2017 was a great day.. the moment of graduation. I succeeded thanks to Cathy and Ian. Director Auguste accompanied me that day.

To everyone who contributed to my studies I wish I could say thank you face to face.

In closing I can’t find the right words, the expression, the language to properly thank everyone who helped an unknown Haitian student.

Blessings to everyone who gave me a chance to arrive at this place. Thank you again….”


Yesterday Auguste and I made a home visit to Christine, a grade 8 student who was admitted to our support program in the summer. Along with 39 other young people admitted she begins the journey Camiose took with each of us for so many years.
To new sponsors Sandy and husband..thank you for your commitment.

The other 38 will benefit from donations made to general funds.
Thank you all for another amazing year. Blessing to all as the year changes.

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